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Vac Teck Industrial Vacuum Systems launches new range of industrial vacuum systems

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Vac Teck Pneumatics designs and manufactures a wide range of air powered industrial vacuum systems that are used widely by some of Australia’s largest companies.

The latest series release from Vac Teck Industrial Vacuum Systems is a range of heavy duty 205 litre drum mounted wet and dry vacuums.

Commonly called drum vacs, the range offer a powerful and simple solution to industrial spills and heavy dry waste. The 174 Quad Ultra vac produces a massive 2500 CFM of free air delivery through its four high powered venturi manifolds.

The 174 Quad Ultra vac has been configured for both wet and dry and can be swapped between the two in a matter of moments. The 205 lid mounted unit has industrial paper filter cartridges underneath which when removed reveal the anodised float shuttles.

The shuttles are free moving and rise as the drum is filling with industrial wet waste. Once at a pre-determined level the shuttles ram home and shut off the air supply which cancels out the vacuum.

This automatic shut off system means the drum can never overfill. An important safety feature when recovering spills.

Vac Teck Industrial Vacuum Systems designs powerful systems that work and with the new emphasis on OH&S.

Vac Teck Industrial Vacuum Systems has added a heavy duty drum lifter to the range creating a mobile cleaning station that is ready to handle the difficult waste problems at a moments notice.

The 3 models that have been released are the 174 Quad Ultra Vac, The 3517 Tri-Vac and the 175 Super twins. These three systems can all be attached to the heavy duty drum lifter.

The most powerful unit, the 174 Quad, produces enough power to lift water and mud 7 metres from underground pits. The 3517 Tri-Vac has a 5 metre water lift and the 175 Super Twin has a 4 metre water lift.

The 174 Quad can be configured so that it has a high air flow and a brutal vacuum rating giving it the capability to lift ultra heavy dry waste including steel shot, foundry sand, coal ash, fly ash, PF ash, bottom ash, nails, bolts, wood chips, blasting waste and virtually all heavy industrial dry waste.

One of the options available for the two heavier drum vacs, the 174 Quad and the 3517 Tri-Vac is the ability to have two hoses running off the main unit allowing two operators to use the system simultaneously with a combined reach of 12 metres.

When using the 174 Quad as a single operator system and recovering dry waste on level ground, the hose can be extended to 30 metres.

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