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Filters, floor tools and drive belts from Vac Shop

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Filters and drive belts are also supplied by Vac Shop under the different brand names. Miele Active AirClean Filters and Miele HEPA Filters supplied by Vac Shop are well-recognised in the industry for their efficiency and durability.

Vac Shop also supplies Nilfisk range of filters. LUX HEPA filters from Vac Shop are of premium quality. The filters supplied by Vac Shop are highly cost effective.

The vacuum drive belts can also be obtained from Vac Shop in different shapes such as Hoover Turbopower HB3 belts, Hoover Old Lark- Round belts, Electrolux ZE3 PoweHead belts, Wertheim Whirlwind belts, Volta 4000 series belts and many more.

A wide variety of floor tools are also provided by Vac Shop such as a Wesssell Werk floor tool which has a high quality metal base, a Recond Genuine Electrolux PowerBrush which is a highly efficient floor tool and many more. A bristled hard floor brush from Vac Shop is ideal to clean and wipe out the dust from the floors.

Vac Shop also supplies Miele Genuine Combi floor tools and European made turbo brushes for dusting and cleaning the floors.

The floor cleaning accessories provided by Vac Shop include different kinds of sachets to be placed inside the vacuum cleaners for providing a fresh smell.

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