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Visy Industrial Packaging is now VIP Packaging

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Over the past 4 years, Visy Industrial Packaging has emerged from a predominately industrial packaging based supplier to a leading solutions provider for the retail and industrial markets.

This transition has been the result of major acquisitions, a driving ambition for innovation and manufacturing excellence, and a passionate commitment to sustainability.

In simple terms, we are not the same company we were 4 years ago and, to recognise this change, we have chosen to evolve from the VISY INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING brand to VIP PACKAGING (VIP).

Our new brand identity demonstrates our evolution from  a packaging provider to a packaging solutions leader.

It reinforces our position as a visionary leader concerned as much about the quality of the world we will live in tomorrow as the quality of products and services we deliver today.

We have often said we are ‘more than industrial packaging'. Today VIP is a major supplier to the retail industry; including the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and household consumer categories.

Industrial customers continue to remain an important part of our business, however, the traditionally transactional relationship we had with these customers is moving towards more solutions orientated partnerships.

We are working with our industrial customers to divert used packaging from landfill and find alternative uses for recycled plastics.

We have also continued our focus on sustainability and have this year launched a company wide set of principles to guide us on our journey. We have called this our Sustainable Choices Roadmap.

Our Sustainable Choices Roadmap has a triple focus on PEOPLE, PROFIT and PLANET, which will drive sustainable success and PROGRESS in our business.

As of Monday 23rd April, we will officially be VIP Packaging. Over the next 6 months we will be rolling out the new branding across the business.

Stage 1 implementation will include a new website address: www.vippackaging.com.au that will become effective in the week commencing 23rd April 2007.

All employee emails will also be transferred to a new address, firstname.surname@vippackaging.com.au, however, this change will not take effect until mid May.

A diversion from the old email addresses will continue to remain in place for a period of 4 months from implementation to give customers and suppliers time to update files.

Our relationship with Visy Industries will continue to operate for our shared services including, for example, the Visy Innovation Centre, Visyflow, our e-commerce platform and Environmental Services.

It has been an exciting journey so far and this change marks a new era for VIP Packaging - one with a greater focus on sustainability.

We will continue to invest in our people and have a greater consideration of the broader social impacts of our products and operations, We will continue to focus on sustainable, profitable growth and build strong long term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

VIP Packaging will become an advocate for our fragile planet and work on programs that support environmental protection.

Thank you for your continued support and VIP Packaging looks forward to a successful and sustainable future.

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