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VIP Packaging reduces environmental impact of car fleet

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Since issuing its Green Car Policy in June 2007, VIP Packaging has made good progress in reducing the environmental impact of its car fleet, increasing the number of green cars in the fleet from 23% (26/115 cars) to 45% (59/132 cars) in less than 12 months.

VIP Packaging's Green Car Policy requires all new fleet cars to be dedicated LPG or approved hybrid or turbo diesel vehicles only. LPG fuel is less greenhouse gas intensive than petrol while hybrid and turbo diesel vehicles are more energy efficient than traditional V6 petrol cars which are no longer available.

VIP Packaging's entire Australian car and truck fleet (over 160 vehicles) has also switched to BP supplied fuels for all LPG, hybrid, diesel and petrol vehicles in order to reduce its Carbon Footprint.

Through BP's Global Choice program, VIP Packaging pays a premium on its fuel purchases for BP to invest in projects around the country that offset the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with its fuel usage. During Quarters 1-3, VIP Packaging has offset approximately 1,250 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents).

Australia's transport sector constitutes 14% of Australia's total greenhouse gas emissions, with vehicles on the roads releasing 80 million tonnes of CO2e per annum.

Raphael Geminder, Chairman of VIP Packaging, says he's extremely proud of the results the company has achieved so far through implementing the Green Car Policy. He says it's vital that businesses with fleet cars take the lead and do all they can to minimise the transport sectors' impact on the environment

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