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VIP Packaging adds PIQET environmental impact assesment tool to its sustainable packaging solutions

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VIP Packaging  can now help companies understand, quantify and compare the environmental impact of their packaging with industry renowned online software program, PIQET (Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool).
This environmental impact assessment tool is a product of the Sustainable Packaging Alliance.

Innovation Manager at VIP Packaging, Lachlan Patton, says strong sustainability principles underpin VIP Packaging's operations. The key challenge for VIP Packaging's new product development (NPD) team, according to Patton, is to design with the environment in mind and with tools like PIQET this approach recieves a lot of support.

"We have made a long term commitment to minimise the environmental impact of our business and support our customers with their improvement targets. This is evident through some of the latest projects we've worked on, including the new PET wine bottle used to package Wolf Blass Green Label - a bottle with 29% less greenhouse gas emissions," says Patton. 

SustainaPac Environmental Services Manager, Carla Visconi, says the PIQET environmental impact assessment tool is ideal for the NPD process when a brand owner is evaluating the merits of a number of design options and wants to compare the environmental impact of one packaging type to another. Visconi notes this tool is also useful for brand owners who want to understand the environmental aspects of changing the transport route or pallet configuration of a package or packaged product.

PIQET is a quick online environmental impact assessment tool which takes information from all phases of a package's lifecycle to understand where the greatest impact occurs for a range of environmental indicators. It is ideal for decision making when trying to ensure use of environmentally sustainable packaging and can easily be incorporated into a client's NPD process as well as providing a measurable output to demonstrate adherence to the Environmental Code of Practice for Packaging (EcoPP).

Vasconi notes that the PIQET environmental impact assessment tool's is particularly useful in gaining a snapshot of a package's environmental impact where industry average data will suffice. Once a PIQET assessment has identified a significant environmental improvement that may be worth making a marketing claim about, a peer reviewed Full LCA should be conducted.

VIP Packaging has access to the Sustainable Packaging Alliance's PIQET tool through its affiliation with its packaging consultant, SustainaPac, who is dedicated to solving issues associated with sustainable packaging such as carbon reduction, corporate responsibility, environmental management and product stewardship.

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