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Plastic packaging solutions available from Visy

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From food to paint, construction to chemicals – the wait is now over for one of the most anticipated packaging solutions in the Australian market this year.

Combining the latest in European technology and design with the needs of the Australian industry, Visy Industrial Packaging’s (Visy) next generation of injection moulded containers is already taking the market by storm.

Todd Theodore, Visy’s Business Development Manager, says the new pail range delivers the lightest, toughest and most highly decorated solution the market has ever seen - all in one outstanding product.

Theodore attributes the interest and swift take-up of the new SuperLift Extra™ range to quality in-mould labelling and unique on-pack tamper evident features.

He says ‘this makes it ideal for the food service market while expertly designed sealing systems deliver new standards in convenience and handling, strength and security for the construction and chemical industries’.

Serge Zappone from CSR Building Products, who was instrumental in influencing the design of the SuperLift Extra™ range, says Visy’s new pail range raises the standard in safer and easier-to-use packaging for construction materials.

As Product Manager for the Gyprock brand (plasterboard), Zappone says, OH&S is always a key consideration in the building industry.

Comfortable lifting lugs allow users to carry the product with two hands and easy-to-open lids replace the traditional, stiffer lids whist still maintaining an airtight seal.

Gyprock’s three pail sizes – 10L, 12.5L and 15L all use the same sized lid, reducing the number of SKUs required and increasing the appeal of the new range.

Though the newly repackaged Gyprock has only been on the shelves for a month now, Zappone is confident that the new design will be well received and raise the profile of OH&S practises in product design.

Visy’s new generation of plastic pails also marks a revolutionary development in packaging for the paint industry.

The unique granular interior of FlakeFree™ technology answers the age-old problem of skinning and brings the paint industry into a new era, says Theodore.

More than 40,000 miniature raised logos on the inside of the container and lid create a granular texture to prevent dry flakes from falling into the paint.

Theodore says this marks a significant turning point in the industry, positioning plastic as the leading packaging standard for paint, in place of traditional metal tins.

Adapted for the needs of the Australian market through a licensing agreement with leading international manufacturer, Superfos, Visy’s new pail solution is the result of its well-known philosophy to partner with global packaging leaders to deliver cutting edge solutions for its customers.

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