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The lifespan of Australian-made PET wine bottles has been significantly increased thanks to new technology from VIP Packaging.

Using Starshield active barrier materials, MonOxbar and Diamond Clear, available through an exclusive licensing agreement with Constar International, VIP Packaging's PET wine bottles deliver longer shelf life, inventory management benefits and great flexibility to both wine growers and brand owners.

Lachlan Patton, VIP Packaging's national sales and marketing manager, says Starshield technology has enabled the company to tackle one of the bigg stumbling blocks associated with the emergence of this new packaging trend lifespan.

Lachlan Patton says gram for gram, Starshield barrier material has approximately five times more oxygen absorption capacity than competing scavenger technologies.

The active monolayer barrier materials absorb oxygen, not only limiting the amount entering the bottle but removing oxygen from the head space, to keep wine fresher for longer.

Unlike competing scavenger systems, including Amosorb, which are activated when the bottle is moulded, Starshield oxygen scavengers remain at close to full potential until the bottles are filled.

Lachlan Patton says this offers enormous benefits to the wine industry, where filling dates are not always known due to weather, maturation and production schedules.

It not only gives the filler great latitude in line with scheduling but allows for empty bottle inventory management practises Lachlan Patton says.

Lachlan Patton acknowledges that although the lifespan of wine ultimately depends on a combination of factors storage, time to filling, sulphur content, dissolved oxygen, bottle weight and surface area to volume ratio, VIP Packaging's Starshield barrier is unique because it allows for the uncertainty inherent with wine making.

VIP Packaging is offering three stock lines as part of its new PET bottle range a 750ml bordeaux shaped bottle (for red wine), a 750ml burgundy shaped bottle (for white wine) and a 187ml bottle for off-premise, catering and events markets.

Obviously, PET delivers a number of benefits to glass, explains Lachlan Patton, including both weight and freight savings and better pallet utilisation. The 750ml bordeaux and burgundy bottles are both smaller than their glass equivalents, Lachlan Patton says, enabling an extra box per pallet layer.

PET is 80% lighter than glass, allowing for transport savings and its shatterproof nature also eliminates stock loss through breakage. This makes it suitable for expanding the use of your product to events or places where glass is prohibited or not preferable says Lachlan Patton.

In addition to improved pallet utilisation, unlike glass, there is no need to rinse PET prior to use to eliminate glass shards. It is fully recyclable and, indeed, uses less energy than glass in the recycling process and emits less CO2 in the transportation process because it is lighter.

Tooling for PET is far more affordable than glass, making shape customisation an accessible option for brand owners where standard neck sizes and weights are used. Compatible with Stelvin metal closures, VIP Packaging's Starshield technology is UV resistant and meets applicable food contact regulations in Australia, USA and EU.

VIP Packaging has the license to use the Starshield barrier in Australia and New Zealand and has partnered with Uno Packaging for the distribution of this product.

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