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Airless dispensers for preservative-free products

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article image Airless dispensers for preservative-free products

Salient Asia Pacific produces an innovative range of airless dispensers that allows producers to explore preservative-free product offerings.

Consumers are increasingly moving towards natural formulas, away from potentially harmful preservatives used typically in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical production to increase shelf life.

Producers are therefore under greater pressure to meet this growing consumer preference while also having to ensure longer shelf life for their products.

Salient Asia Pacific is producing airless dispensers under licence from Aptar, which allow products to be filled under vacuum, ensuring preservative-free offerings. Featuring ultra-soft actuation, Eden airless dispensers provide precise application in a fully recyclable plastic system.  

Eden is available in several options including a 30ml and 50ml slim package, a 50ml and 100ml compact package as well as two actuator options.

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