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A 360º intermediate bulk container solution

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VIP Packaging  is now manufacturing new 1000L intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) under an exclusive license from the internationally acclaimed Mauser group.  

These new intermediate bulk containers form an integral part of VIP Packaging’s 360º IBC solution.  They can supply your business with new, rebottled, reconditioned or laundered intermediate bulk containers, arrange collection after use, then clean and redeliver the intermediate bulk containers, ready for filling once again. VIP Packaging’s 360º solution is a complete service that’s easy for your business, competitively priced so it’s easy on your bottom line and, because they’re reusing packaging, it’s easy on the environment too.  

VIP Packaging’s Mauser intermediate bulk containers are:   

  • Approved for use with Dangerous Goods 
  • Compliant with the new UN Vibration Test which will become mandatory for all new intermediate bulk containers from 2011
  • Renowned for the high quality of their discharge valves and variety of spare parts and accessories including screw caps, optivents, pressure relief valves and label plates (available from VIP Packaging) 
  • Suitable for industrial, chemical and food products (Mauser SM 13 IBC)
  • Suitable for flammable and light sensitive products. The Mauser SM 13 EX is specifically designed for use with flammable products and the Mauser SM 13 LP for use with UV sensitive products  

With strategically placed distribution hubs along Australia’s Eastern Seaboard, in Western Australia and New Zealand, VIP Packaging can provide you with timely delivery of new, rebottled, reconditioned or laundered intermediate bulk containers.

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