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Vibe LED Tubes offer Long Life and Reduced Operating Cost

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LED tubes from VIBE Lighting are designed to replace fluorescent tubes to provide greater efficiency and more environment-friendly benefits.  

Vibe LED tubes also replace lower quality LED tubes that don’t live up to their estimated long life.  

LED lighting is still a relatively new lighting technology that offers dramatically reduced operating costs over its long lifespan due to high efficiency.  

LED lights are also more environment-friendly since they do not contain the harmful mercury and phosphorus found in fluorescent lights.  

While LED tubes are expected to provide a lamp life of up to 80,000 hours, lower quality products are failing at only 10,000 hours due to faulty drivers.  

Standard LED tubes have built-in drivers that will last for only 10,000-30,000 hours before shutting down, rendering the whole tube useless.  

VIBE Lighting has designed their Vibe LED tubes with replaceable adapters that can achieve the projected lifetime of 80,000 hours while saving an additional 50% on replacement costs.  

A key differentiator in the Vibe LED tubes according to Vibe Director Phillip Hill is that only the adapter needs to be replaced instead of the entire tube, making the product a highly economical and cost-effective option for replacing standard fluorescent tubes.  

VIBE Lighting offers their new LED tubes for schools, offices, retail stores and consumers seeking a long-lasting green alternative to fluorescent lighting.  

Key features of Vibe LED tubes: 

  • LED lights do not flicker unlike conventional fluorescent lights
  • Eliminates flicker and glare that can impact learning and ability to concentrate
  • Constant colour output results in zero flicker
  • Wide range of colour temperatures and wattage options
  • Available in Warm White, Pure White, Daylight White and Cool White
  • Supplied in lengths of 600mm (9w), 1200mm (18w) and 1500mm (22w)
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Does not require starters or ballasts for operation, increasing durability and lifespan

VIBE supplies a growing network of lighting retailers, hardware stores, electrical wholesalers, landscape designers, architects and building suppliers with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other electrical merchandise.

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