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Vega introduces solution to measure data transmission from inaccessible areas

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With PLICSRADIO, Vega has introduced a solution to measure data transmission from areas not readily accessible or far away.

Any 4 to 20 mA/HART signal as well as switching state can be wirelessly transmitted with the sending and receiving unit.

By using a license and registration free transmission range, PLICSRADIO provides a radio link as a replacement for cable connections in industrial environments. PLICSRADIO finds application in places where laying a signal line from the sensors to the processing unit is either not possible or costly.

Obstacles like streets, railroad lines, rivers and buildings can thus be overcome without difficulty and at low cost with the help of a PLICSRADIO.

Further areas of application for a PLICSRADIO are mobile plant components such as conveyor belts, rotating containers or tank vehicles. PLICSRADIO also lends itself quite well for fast and uninterrupted expansion of existing plants or constantly changing plant configurations.

In the maximum setup, two HART sensors, an additional 4 to 20 mA signal as well as two digital input signals, for example from level detectors, can be connected.

The field strength of the radio link is shown via diagnostic information on the PLICSRADIO.

PLICSRADIO uses existing components of the plics instrument series. The adjustment of PLICSRADIO is carried out either with the standard indicating and adjustment module PLICSCOM or with PACTware. By means of FDT/DTM technology and PACTware, complete access to HART sensors from the various PLICSRADIO components is possible.

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