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VEGADIF 65 Differential Pressure Measurement Transmitters from Vega Australia

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Vega Australia  introduces the new VEGADIF 65, a transmitter used for diverse tasks such as differential pressure measurement in filters and pumps as well as level measurement in pressurised vessels.  

The VEGADIF 65 differential pressure measurement transmitters feature a fine measuring cell graduation and minimal measurement deviation facilitating its use in applications such as flow, density and interface measurement.   

The VEGADIF transmitter is also suitable for all gases, vapours and liquids that require medium-resistant sensors. Process adaptation is executed through differential pressure pipes.

Various diaphragm materials such as Monel or tantalum provide optimal protection in resisting particularly aggressive media. A wide variety of one-sided or two-sided isolating systems found in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries can be installed through simple process fitting assembly.

Special features enhance the capabilities of the VEGADIF such as the IP 68 version for damp environments and applications that lack accessibility. Instrument housings are available in plastic, aluminium and stainless steel in single or double chamber versions that allow optimal adaptation to the operating conditions. 

The VEGADIF differential pressure measurement transmitters can operate under process temperatures of -40°F - 752°F (-40°C - +400°C) as well as static process pressures up to 6,091psi (420 bar).

With 4 - 20 mA/HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus signal outputs, the VEGADIF 65 can be integrated into most standard control systems.

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