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In 1997, Vega set new standards in level measurement technology by developing the first two-wire radar sensor.

In the last 10 years there has not been such rapid development with any measuring principle as there has with radar and Vega is still in the standard position.

Vega recognised early on the advantages and application possibilities of radar technology for level measurement in the process industry.

The first Vega radar sensor, based on 5.8GHz pulse technology, was introduced to the market in 1991.

Vega continued systematically with the development of radar sensors and developed the radar market with the VEGAPULS 50 series, the first intrinsically safe, two-wire instruments.

Christened with the name eric, these Vega sensors have proven their infinite application potential. Their high process reliability and compact size made them versatile level measuring instruments for all industries.

When the radar sensors of the VEGAPULS 60 series were introduced in 2003, the tried-and-true Vega pulse technology went into its third generation.

The experience of more than 10 years of radar level measurement and more than 60,000 successfully installed erics formed the basis for the development of the VEGAPULS 60 series.

In 2004, Vega Grieshaber introduced VEGAPULS 68, the first radar sensor specially developed for level measurement of bulk solids.

With a measuring range up to 70m and wide temperature ranges up to 200°C, it represented a real novelty in level measurement of bulk solids and has since established itself solidly in the market.

With VEGAPULS 67, Vega closed the remaining gap to standard applications in the bulk solids industry. The new VEGAPULS 67 finds application in areas where, for reasons of economy, ultrasonic instruments were used until now.

The sensor is the ideal solution for applications in medium-sized silos up to 15m high and thus covers the majority of standard applications in bulk solids.

In the last 10 years, level measurement with two-wire radar became accepted as a dependable standard technology. Their versatility and high reliability in liquids and bulk solids have made radar sensors the ideal solution for all industries and process conditions.

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