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New version level sensors available from Vega Australia

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Vegawave and Vegavib level sensors from Vega Australia are used for applications in bulk solids.

Vegavib and Vegawave are vibrating level switches for level detection of bulk solids. Vegavib operates with a vibrating rod, Vegawave with a tuning fork.

The central component of both sensors is the piezo-driven vibrating element. When this element is covered by bulk solids, the oscillation amplitude is changed.

The change is detected and processed by the oscillator and converted into a switching command. This measuring technique does not require adjustment with medium and offers comprehensive fault monitoring up to SIL 2 (according to IEC 61508). These sensors are also available for dust Ex areas of zone 20 (1D or 1/2D depending on the application).

With its tuning fork, Vegawave is the ideal solution for applications in powdery media and bulk solids of small grain size. Its robust configuration also allows applications as minimum level detection in heavy bulk solids such as cement or flour.

Even in case of buildup, the Vegawave sensors demonstrate their advantages over the vibrating rod. Vegawave works in bulk solids from a density of 0.008 g/cm³ (8 g/l).

Vegavib, on the other hand, is perfect for applications in large-grained substances due to the vibrating rod that is optimally designed for solids. The material can neither deposit on nor jam the rod.

The vibrating rod demonstrates its special advantages also in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry, the polished version (surface finish Ra ? 0.8 µm) can be easily cleaned.

Typical applications for Vegavib are overfill and dry run protection, e.g. in plastic granules, coarse bulk solids and even feathers. Vegavib measures reliably from a bulk density of 0.02 g/cm³ (20 g/l).

With five different electronics versions available for both types of vibrating level switch, e.g. relay output or NAMUR, the right signal output for every control system is assured.

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