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Level Detection and Density Measurement with MiniTrac Radiation Sensors from Vega Australia

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Vega Australia  supplies MiniTrac radiation sensors designed for level detection and density measurement applications in liquids or bulk solids.  

Designed as a compact sensor with highly versatile performance capabilities, MiniTrac radiation sensors can be mounted on any kind of vessel from simple tanks and bunkers to stirring vessels, sluices or high-pressure reactors.  

Its small dimensions allow MiniTrac to be installed almost anywhere including pipelines or in the narrow corners of feed hoppers. 

MiniTrac radiation sensors are equipped with a sodium iodide crystal scintillator that measures with a precision of 0.1%.  

MiniTrac is highly sensitive to gamma radiation and delivers reliable measurement data. 

Thin or viscous

Radiation-based density measurement is gaining more and more importance in the chemical industry. Since products in this sector are often highly corrosive, the only reasonable alternative is non-contact measurement.  

The food and pharmaceutical industries depend for hygienic reasons, on measuring instruments that can ‘see through things’.  

But radiation-based density measurement is especially important in petrochemical and offshore applications: knowing the consistency of the drilling mud and being able to recognise different types of oil in a pipeline are absolutely essential in these sectors.  

Full or empty

MiniTrac radiation sensors are also used when the minimum or maximum level in a vessel has to be monitored. This serves to avoid overfilling or protect pumps from running dry.  

Mounted at the height of the desired minimum or maximum level, MiniTrac delivers a reliable switching command when the level is exceeded or underrun.  

Key features of MiniTrac radiation sensors:

  • NaI detector integrated in sensor housing
  • Simple retro installation without interrupting process
  • Signal output 4 - 20 mA/HART, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus
  • Measuring precision: ±0.1 %
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C - +60°C


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