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Capacitive level switches from Vega

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The capacitive probes are completely compensated at Vega ex works.

If the capacitive probe is mounted into the vessel, the vessel and mounting conditions will cause a non predictabe so-called standing capacitance.

In narrow vessels or difficult mounting conditions this standing capacitance can considerably reduce the sensitvity of the capacitive probe.

VEGACAP capacitive level switches are provided with a compensation key. Thus, a high standing capacity can be easily compensated independent of the mounting situation. This means that the complete measuring range of the probe is again available and the sensitivity and reliability is increased. And that just by pressing the key the VEGACAP is universally applicable as never before.

This compensation possibility is also of advantage in other applications.

Partly insulated probes can be individually shortened now. Just pressing the compensation key, the probe gets back its original sensitivity after shortening.

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