Utilicom supplies detection and locating equipment. Products include CCTV Pipe Inspection Cameras, Water Leak Detectors, Pipe and Cable Locators, Borescopes, Gas detectors, security equipment, Cable Height Meters, UV Meters, Pit Inspection Cameras,Borehole cameras Fibreglass Rods


Supplier news
07/12/10 - The PhD5 Confined Space Gas Detectors can monitor up to five gases simultaneously.
Supplier news
24/01/08 - Utilicom supplies professional CCTV Pipe Inspection Cameras for a low cost.

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Utilicom (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 941
NSW 2640
Tel: 02 6021 2208
Fax: 02 6021 2890

Utilicom Brands

Alturnamats ATM Deeptech Detecta-Gas Fisher Weapon Detectors Fuji General Monitors Lotus Schonstedt Terascan Thruscan Utilicom Vac-X Wagamet

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