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Standard Uticor ToughPanels available from Balmoral Technologies feature a dedicated processor instead of operating on a computer platform.  

The in-built dedicated processor feature enables a much faster response time for touch inputs, typically 0.75 seconds instead of slightly more than a second in a Windows CE environment.  

A Windows device is inherently slower in response time because it has a lot of overhead to cover during start-up and operation.  

Dedicated processors on the other hand use less memory, do not require boot -up, need only 2MB to trend data and are not subject to hardware tampering. Additionally, they cannot be infected by viruses from the Internet.  

A Windows CE system has the advantage, however of running user selected software in applications such as Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and MPEG (video).  

Many users desire to run a program to show machine operation or key maintenance issues. Others want to embed the operating or maintenance manual as a PDF file. There are as many unique applications as memory available to run them.

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