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Uticor 4" Toughpanel available from Balmoral Technologies

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The Uticor 4" Toughpanel, available from Balmoral Technologies , is a rugged and compact Touchpanel. Uticor hold numerous patents in the area of high speed PLC or PLS operations, particularly under electrically noisy environments. Uticor’s M1250 PLS can process 20,000 of 3 digit setpoints in 57 microseconds. Uticor’s recently introduced TouchPLS can process 256 of 4 digit setpoints in less than 10 microseconds.

Uticor’s design engineers spend a considerable time in technical field support. They have gone through numerous machine start-ups and recognise the importance of simple human interface.

Uticor have developed a five key interface for their PLS. The Toughpanel is simple and easy to use. In developing Toughpanel products, Uticor’s designers counted the number of clicks for every operation, resulting in an HMI where users can develop a complex screen in less than 10 minutes.

Uticor’s automotive customers, such as Pontiac Motors, back in 1976, required them to run encoder wiring right along side with 440 VAC motor wiring without a shield as they did not want to change the connector between the control cabinet and the machine.

GM wanted the benefits of the advanced technology but not change their wiring. Uticor’s Autotech division have designed a Resolver based PLS to run along with 440 VAC and withstand inductive kicks.

All Uticor products go through exclusive noise testing and have the following ratings:

  • NEMA ICS 2-230 Showering Arc
  • ANSI C37, 90a-1974 SWC
  • Level C Chattering Relay Test

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