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Tough panel ports from Balmoral Technologies

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Flash Card & Flash Firmware
Flash card module can be used to back up the user program and provide program portability. Flash firmware allows users to quickly upgrade the firmware in the field. 512K, 1M or 2M flash modules are available from Balmoral Technologies .

Memory Types
Store user program in the battery backed RAM memory or a Flash memory card is required to maintain the program if battery power is lost.

RJ45 Connector
In place of 15-pin D-Sub for Universal Ethernet models .

RS232 and RS 422/485 Ports
Com1 is RS232 which can be used for both PLC communication or programming the panel from a PC. RS 422/485 is an auxiliary port that can be used for PLC communication or connection to another device like a barcode printer.

Additional RAM
512K or 1MB RAM modules are available for memory expansion sometimes recommended for bitmap extensive larger screens.

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