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Selecting the right encoder for any application

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Balmoral Technologies  offers one of the broadest lines of Autotech encoders in the industry including the newly introduced Smart-Encoders.

Autotech encoders offered by Balmoral Technologies range from a tiny size 15 (housing diameter of 1.5”) and industry standard size 25 (2.5” dia.) to explosion proof encoders and everything in between including built-in gear trains as well as a wide variety of position sensing technologies, electrical characteristics and communication options.

Selecting the right encoder

Initially, the encoders consisted of potentiometers, brush encoders and magnetic encoders with optical encoders and resolvers being rare. Each device had certain limitations. For instance, the potentiometers and magnetic encoders had limited resolution while the brush encoders required frequent maintenance. The optical encoders used incandescent lamps, which were large in size and had limited life expectancy. The resolvers could offer better resolution and accuracy, but were very expensive due to the decoding electronics required.

However, recent technological developments have brought significant improvements to these encoders with optical encoders and resolvers more commonly used in industry today. With the introduction of the cost effective Smart-Encoders by Autotech, there will be a paradigm shift in the selection and use of encoders for specific applications.

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