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Resolvers for sensing rotary position from Balmoral Technologies

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Several technologies are available for position sensing in industrial environment. Two devices for sensing rotary position are encoders and resolvers.
The resolvers are suitable sensing devices in the industrial environment due to their robustness. The resolvers are available from Balmoral Technologies .

Advantages of resolvers vs. encoders

The decision of whether to use a resolver or encoder depends entirely on the application. The factor that has a impact on the decision is the operating environment. The environmental integrity of a brushless resolver is better. Being simple rotary transformers, the resolvers can take more abuse than optical encoders.

Resolvers exhibit no significant wear or aging. This is especially important when the operational temperature is below freezing or above 150°F. Under these extremes, a suitable choice is to use a resolver.

The operating temperature of a typical resolver ranges from -67°F to +248°F. The resolvers also survive in conditions of severe mechanical shock and vibrations, excesses in humidity, oil mists, and exposure to coolants and solvents.

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