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Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) available from Balmoral Technologies

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The Programmable Limit Switch, available from Balmoral Technologies , is an electronic cam switch that duplicates the functions of either a rotary cam switch or limit switches actuated by linear machine movement.

A PLS system consists of a solid-state programmable control unit and a position transducer. The Programmable Limit Switch uses resolvers as position transducers. The resolver is coupled to the moving shaft which produces an analog position signal. This position signal is then converted to digital format inside the control unit. Thereafter the position is displayed on the front of the unit and also compared to the user programme dwell settings. As the actual position reaches the pre-programmed set points, the outputs are turned on and off. The dwell settings are easily programmed from the keypad.

PLS systems, available from Balmoral Technologies, offer many advanced features such as zero offset adjustment, dynamic zeroing and programmable rate offset. Zero offset allows the operator to easily align the resolver zero to the machine zero. Dynamic zeroing (Mod Z) allows modification of the zero reference for selected channels based on an external trigger independent of the actual resolver position. Programmable Rate Offset (ROF) allows automatic adjustments of set points to compensate for machine speed changes.

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