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Powerful, modular and flexible I/O

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EZAUTOMATION has developed a real world I/O, the EZI/O. It was designed by a group of engineers with over 200 years of collective experience in designing automation products and systems.

It is an 8 point small footprint yet extremely powerful, modular and flexible I/O.

EZI/O is used with the company’s EZPLCs, EZTouchPLCs and EZTextPLCs. This I/O has lots of potential as a remote I/O interfacing to DeviceNet, Profibus and Ethernet.

EZI/O modules are designed with one thing in mind - modularity. Each and every EZI/O module can be used with EZPLC, EZTouchPLC, and EZTextPLC for a truly modular I/O

It is also designed to handle any combination of EZI/O modules without any need for external power supplies.

EZI/O modules consume only 20-40mA power at 3.3V. LED indicator lights on every channel help troubleshoot and debug field wiring.

EZI/O modules come with male headers to accommodate 11 point removable Phoenix terminal blocks (UL rated for 300V 10A 14AWG) for ease of wiring. Every EZI/O module has a wiring duct for routing field wiring in neat bundles.

Features include:

* All digital I/O optically isolated

* 8 point real world inputs or outputs

* Digital or 12 bit analogue

* Thermocouple inputs

* 24 bit high speed counter and PLS

* 2 60KHz Quadrature inputs and 2PLS outputs for each encoder with 100µs response time

* 1 100KHz Quadrature input with 4PLS outputs, 100µs response time

* Interrupt modules for a total of 40µs throughput

* dc outputs 24Vdc @ 0.5A short circuit proof

* ac outputs 120Vac @ 1A

* Relay outputs 200V @ 1A

* Analogue modules 0-5V @ 2A, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 12 bit

* Only occupies 2” x 2” x 1” space

* LED status indicators for all digital I/O

* EZ to wire Phoenix plug-in terminal blocks

* I/O modules that snap onto the base

* 4 In/4 Out wide variety of mix-n-match I/O modules.

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