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PLS with graphical touch screen available from Balmoral Technologies

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TouchPLS combines advanced resolver technology with a graphical interface or touch screen to create a user-friendly front end based on visual cues in a windows type environment.

The TouchPLS retains all the advanced PLS features of Autotech's products:

  • High processing speed, a 26 microsecond response time for processing 12 bit resolution 256 set points, that includes all the over head for speed compensation. Without speed compensation, the TouchPLS can respond in nanoseconds
  • High processing power per cubic inch, 16 channel PLS, Touchscreen interface, communication to PLC networks, Ethernet connectivity, 256 color LCD, productivity monitor, alarm monitor, and even a graphical touchscreen interface for the PLC itself, all built in a compact package
  • Simple human interface with graphical cam settings that can be fine tuned in motion
  • High immunity to a hostile environment

The TouchPLS has total communication with several control networks. Resolver position, PLS settings, input/output status, can be transmitted to or from the PLC network. This speed of communication is limited only by the limitation of the control network configuration.

The TouchPLS has new programming features such as:

  • Many number of programs, on board as well as downloadable from PLC, or PC over Ethernet
  • Leading or trailing edge speed compensation in milliseconds
  • Angle on/ time off programming
  • Pulse programming
  • Four ModZ functions to rezero position upon external input
  • Brake wear monitor functionality for press applications (optional)
  • Absolute positioning, PLS knows true machine position even when shaft moves after power loss

The TouchPLS is available in all PowerPanel sizes from 6" monochrome to 15" TFT. Also there are three models available:

  • Basic model with pre-programmed PLS screens
  • Basic model with PLS screens and built-in productivity monitor
  • Advanced model with all the advanced features of PowerPanel as well as PLS

The TouchPLS is available from Balmoral Technologies .

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