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article image Combines the best assets of the original EZTouch and EZPanel Enhanced.

IF you need to give your machine operators access to the Microsoft world of CE, which is the ability to view files such as Adobe Acrobat PDF, Excel, Word, MPEG (Video), Word Pad text editor, as well as give access to Internet or Intranet, EZCE Touchpanel from EZAutomation , is a good choice.

The user can also write their own programs in Visual Basic or C++ along with the EZPanel application running on the unit. There are pros and cons of using dedicated HMI panel versus an open platform panel, but the beauty of the EZAutomation’s unique approach is the application can be developed using the same programming software and can run on either panel.

EZCE Touchpanel is an open platform PLC Touch panel that combines the best assets of the original EZTouch and EZPanel Enhanced, which has the advanced functionality of a disk-less industrial computer running WindowsCE.

It is available in all the eight different screen models of EZPanel and has the same footprint as the original EZTouch and EZPanel Enhanced.

Programs developed on either the original EZTouch or the EZPanel Enhanced can be seamlessly transferred to the EZCE Touchpanel.

Programs developed on EZCE Touchpanel can also be transferred to EZPanel Enhanced. In fact, the EZPanel Enhanced Programming software is common to all these models.

The EZCE Touchpanel is available with serial drivers or Universal Ethernet (Ethernet/IP, DF1 over Ethernet, MODBUS TCP/IP or GE SRTP).

In addition, many of these panels have the capability of interfacing to industrial networks like DH+, Remote I/O, Modbus Plus, DeviceNet, CC Link and Profibus. All these panels have a very low, slim profile along with a smaller footprint on enclosures.

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