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'On Screen Recipe Edit' from Balmoral Technologies

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Taking advantage of their unique 'On-Line Edit' feature that enables the EZSeries Touch panels, screens and operator interfaces to change the programmed screens, Balmoral Technologies have added another feature to these panels - the 'On-Screen Recipe Edit'.

Users can now fine tune the recipe of a process 'On the Fly', no longer reliant on trial and error to achieve the best results. In the past it was a re-iterative process to stop the machine, make the recipe change in the PC, download it to the HMI and then try it out. Trial and error no longer the only process for finding the optimum settings.

With "On-Screen Recipe Edit", the process continues uninterrupted while the user makes adjustments to the recipe. Once satisfied, the recipe gets stored in the touch panel, screen or operator interface. Balmoral Technologies has even provided up and down (increment/decrement) buttons so the operator doesn't have to look at the screen while fine-tuning.

The Old Method required users to shut the machine or process, change recipe in PC, download to touch panel and restart machine and then repeat until desired results were achieved.

The New Method - Pull up the recipe on the touch panel or screen. Increment/decrement until the right results are achieved. The new method is much simpler. 

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