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New Breed of LED Message Display Board Marquees from Balmoral Technologies

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Uticor LED message display boards available from Balmoral Technologies offer high quality uniformly bright LEDs, robust construction and simple PLC network connectivity.  

In addition to the construction and appearance of LED display marquees, one must also consider the ease of system implementation.  

Most LED marquee displays available in the market require significant change to the PLC ladder logic to display messages or alarms with embedded PLC variables.  

This requires alteration or modification to the PLC program, which most control engineers are reluctant to do since modifying the PLC program might introduce an inadvertent error or bug that could cause serious downtime.  

Uticor Tough SmartMarquee LED display boards eliminate the need for any PLC program modification. The marquee simply becomes another node on the PLC network, which reads and writes to PLC registers just like a touchpanel or HMI.  

In fact the Tough SmartMarquee CPU is the same as the one used in Uticor Toughpanels.  

Key benefits of Uticor Tough SmartMarquee LED display boards 

  • Simple-to-use Windows-based program with message management configuration tools and export/import features
  • Application of marquees is made easier by adding the ability to display messages without touching the PLC program
  • Flexible data embedding in messages, allowing the user to embed any random registers in the messages
  • Messages can be viewed and controlled on the internet/ intranet

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