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Master Message Display available from Balmoral Technologies

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Balmoral Technologies  offer Uticor AVG’s range of touch screens, panels, operator interfaces and message displays. Uticor AVG’s programmable message displays (PMDs) are found in numerous applications. The PMDs enable the PLC or control system to display vital production status or alarm message to plant-floor personnel in real time.

With a large installed base worldwide, it is necessary to replace existing units with their replacement models. This makes changing over a straight swap, with no costly engineering and development time for new hardware and software. Uticor AVG support this large install base of message displays by continuing to manufacture replacement units for the benefit of their customers.

Character-based master message displays store memory dependent messages. These messages and their characteristics such as blinking, centering and scrolling are programmed using a programming software that runs on a PC.

The master message display continuously polls the connected PLC for a message number and several control parameters. Based on the control parameters, the master message display can display the message, send the message to one or a group of slave message displays or marquee displays. A PC can also control the master message display.

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