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M1050 Programmable Limit Switches from Balmoral Technologies

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article image M1050 Programmable Limit Switches from Balmoral Technologies

Balmoral Technologies  supplies a wide range of products, including touch screens, operator interfaces, panels, industrial computers and PCs. They provide high-performance self-contained programmable limit switches, which include power output relays in the same chassis eight PLS outputs, motion output, and fault. It does not need any external power relay chassis or customer power supply. Some of the important features of M1050 Programmable Limit Switches include,

  • Eight PLS programs can be remotely or keyboard selected to simplify job changeover
  • Built-in speed compensation for all PLS outputs
  • All inputs and outputs fully isolated
  • Built-in self diagnostics
  • Simple creative keyboard
  • Setpoints-per-program
    • 8-channel units-80
    • 16-channel units-160
  • Programmable resolution from 17-1000 divisions-per-revolution
  • Simultaneous display of program number, channel number, ON and OFF setpoints, and output status
  • Rugged, reliable, resolver as position transducer, can be mounted up to 2500 ft (762 m) away
  • Patented up and down arrow keys for fine-tuning, even with machine in full motion
  • High-speed operation, 100 µs scan time
  • Built-in tachometer and Motion Detector
  • Brake Monitor Option

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