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Industrial computer has easy-to-read display

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THE Xycom 3612 industrial computer, available from Balmoral Technologies , utilises a bright TFT 12.1" LCD flat panel display. Complex operations and screens can be displayed with clarity.

The AGP graphics defaults to 4MB video RAM and will automatically share RAM with the system to allow full 32-bit color depth.

With up to 1.26GHz Pentium III processors available, the 3612 units can drive the most demanding applications. The 3612 units ship standard with an 850MHz Celeron with 128K cache running at 100MHz bus.

Optional 1.0GHz with 256K cache and 1.26GHz with 512K cache, both running at 133MHz bus, are available.

The 3612 units can be configured many different ways. With four available expansion slots (three ¾-length ISA/PCI, one ½-length PCI), many cost effective, industry standard options are easily integrated.

The optional dual hard drive, externally accessible CompactFlash, or external drive bay connector, provide the storage solution. Additionally the CD-ROM can be upgraded to a read/write drive so that even more storage and/or backup options are available.

The optional 9000-XBAY allows users to externally mount any two IDE devices without requiring a power supply or unreliable cabling.

To survive on the plant floor, the 3612 units meet NEMA 4/4x/12, IP65, FCC, UL, cUL, and European CE mark requirements for industrial automation equipment.

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