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Industrial Windows terminals and nodes

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XYCOM OpenCLIENT terminals and nodes are industrially hardened platforms, available from Balmoral Technologies , used for terminal server network applications.

OpenCLIENT terminals are designed to support ACP's ThinManager server software. Several OpenCLIENT models are available based on your screen size and resolution requirements.

Each OpenCLIENT runs what looks like a full Windows operating system. The server runs a standard version of a Microsoft operating system designed for thin clients (Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows 2003 Server) that allows users to log in and establish a full Windows session running on the server.

Multiple users can repeat this process concurrently many times. Each user gets a dedicated share of memory and access to the server's applications.

When an OpenCLIENT terminal is powered up it logs on to the server just as a terminal would log on to a mainframe. In addition to giving the client access to its resources, the server also creates a virtual display, which is transferred to the OpenCLIENT terminal via an Ethernet link.

The OpenCLIENT also takes input from the user (via the keypad, keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen) and sends it back to the server over the same link. This allows a user to control the Windows session as if it was running locally.

While it appears that the control screens are running locally, they are actually running on the server in the climate controlled IT department.

The client's session is configured just like any Windows session - the operator can either see a standard Windows screen (with the Internet Explorer icon, the Recycle Bin, the Start Menu, etc.) or a "locked down" version with limited functionality.

For dedicated lines running an HMI or SCADA package, the session is usually set to start up with the HMI display exclusively.

OpenCLIENT nodes support connectivity to Xycom flat panel monitors creating a complete industrial solution.

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