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article image Messages can be made stationary, scrolling or blinking.

VISUAL displays provide an excellent means to communicate with manufacturing workers, but their use has until now been restricted because of their cost.

Industrial marquees have traditionally been quite expensive, therefore limiting their use to only large machines.

EZAutomation is breaking that mould, with the introduction of the EZMarquee.

The EZMarquee is economical so that every production machine can have a marquee. Typical uses include display of actual vs target production data, display of alarm and safety messages and communication of machine/process status at up to 400 feet away

EZMarquees are available in 16 different models with red or tri-colour LEDs, ranging from 1-line, 10-character displays up to 4-line, 40-character per line displays.

Characters can be 2” to 8” in height and mixed character sizes can be displayed on the same line.

International character support allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages.

Messages can be made stationary, scrolling or blinking. Configuration is easy using free string generator software that can be downloaded from the EZAutomation web site.

All EZMarquees are equipped with two communication ports, RS 232 and RS422, for interface with PLCs, PCs and embedded controllers.

They can also be ordered with Ethernet, DeviceNet and Profibus communication interface.

EZMarquees are housed in NEMA 12 industrial enclosures and use pre-matched LEDs that are 24-hour burn-in tested with 100,000 hours rated life. Input voltage is 110/120Vac.

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