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St. Regis Paper Company utilises Power Pusher

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St. Regis Paper Company, a paper and board manufacturer has recently taken delivery of its second Nu-Star Power Pusher unit for pushing reels of recycled envelope paper and coreboard.

The Power Pusher is a pedestrian operated, battery powered, tug unit designed to push, pull and manoeuvre rolling loads up to 40,000 kgs in weight. For the paper industry a bespoke reel mover attachment has been designed by Nu-Star to ensure the Power Pusher can push a wide variety of different circumference paper reels.

Unlike other products on the market, the Power Pusher is completely self-contained and there are no trailing wires, cables or air-lines.

According to St. Regis Paper, the company contacted Nu-Star during September 2002 and subsequently purchased the first Power Pusher after a trial period. St. Regis Paper’s paper reels get progressively larger and this has lead to an increased health and safety risk if staff try to push the reels manually.

The Nu-Star Reel Mover is easy to use and eliminates the manual effort usually required to move the reels. Nu-Star Reel Mover’s small size and pedestrian operation means it is much safer than a forklift.

The Power Pusher is available from Urethane & Machinery Supplies.

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