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Rollalong uses Power Pushers in manufacturing site

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Rollalong a UK manufacturer of portable, temporary, semi-permanent and permanent buildings has taken delivery of four Nu-Star Hi-Torque Power Pusher units in order to move its pre-fabricated modular buildings during the manufacturing process.

The Power Pusher is a pedestrian operated, battery powered, tug unit designed for pushing, pulling and manoeuvring rolling loads up to 40,000 kgs in weight. The Power Pusher enables a single operator to safely manoeuvre large/heavy rolling loads that would traditionally require the use of larger, more expensive tractor-type products to move them.

Health and safety and productivity are the key benefits for customers to use the Power Pusher in such circumstances.

The Power Pusher, and its associated range of pedestrian-operated electric tugs, has been available in the EU marketplace since October 2001 and are now being used in industries ranging from paper, glass and concrete to railways, plastics, food and automobiles.

According to Rollalong, the Power Pushers enable the company to move its buildings through the production process. Traditionally forklift trucks completed this operation as the building can weight up to 13.5 tonnes.

The Power Pushers are easy to use and small enough to manoeuvre between the buildings, releasing valuable floor space. The pedestrian operation of the Power Pusher also reduced the health and safety risks associated with fork lift operations.

Nu-Star had to design a bespoke connection method that enabled the operators to quickly and easily adjust the Power Pusher.

The Power Pusher is available from Urethane & Machinery Supplies.

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