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Power Pusher employed at Multidrive

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Multidrive, the UK-based manufacturer of a range of off road specialist vehicles, has recently taken delivery of a Nu-Star Hi-Torque Power Pusher at its manufacturing site in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

While planning the new M8-40 assembly line, Multidrive realised that it could save a significant amount of time and floor space if it found an alternative to a forklift or overhead crane for moving the chassis down the line.

Multidrive’s tractor unit weighs up to 15 tonnes by the end of the assembly line and the Power Pusher proved its abilities when it was tested towards the end of 2003. Multidrive supplied Nu-Star with technical drawings to show how the chassis would sit on a pair of purpose built skates and left it to design and manufacture a suitable method that enabled the Power Pusher to push and pull the load.

This has helped Multidrive implement the new M8-40 assembly line at the factory and is a safe way of moving quite a large and heavy load.

Just 1.4 m long and 670 mm wide, the Nu-Star Power Pusher has a growing range of modular attachments that enable it to push, pull and manoeuvre a wide variety of heavy rolling loads in many industrial applications.

Utilising modern sealed traction batteries and fitted with a matching on-board charging system, the Power Pusher is self-contained with no trailing wires or air-lines. Minimal running costs and a low maintenance requirement makes the Power Pusher cheaper than the costs associated with a forklift.

The Power Pusher is available from Urethane & Machinery Supplies.

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