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Pirelli Cables acquires third Nu-Star Power Pusher at Wrexham site

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Pirelli Cables, a manufacturer of both high and low voltage power cables, has recently taken delivery of its third Hi-Torque Power Pusher at its site in Wrexham for pushing large cable drums.

The Power Pusher is a pedestrian operated, battery powered, tug unit designed to push, pull and manoeuvre rolling loads up to 40,000 Kg in weight. Measuring only 1.4 m long and 670 mm wide, the Power Pusher is both manoeuvrable and completely self-contained with no trailing wires or air lines.

The Power Pusher improves shop-floor productivity and reduces the likelihood of back injuries associated with the manual pushing, pulling and manoeuvring of heavy loads in the workplace.

In this particular application, the Power Pusher is fitted with a bespoke Drum Mover attachment (adjustable to cater for different diameter drums) which enables the operator to push up against the drum flange in order to roll the drum on the shop-floor. Wooden or Urethane chocks are used to stop the drums at the desired position.

According to Pirelli Cables, cable drums with flange diameters up to 3,200 mm and weighing up to 16 tonnes are generally moved in the factory using overhead cranes. Problems arise when drums have to be moved across bays where there is no crane cover.

Historically drums were rolled manually or using a fork trucks in these areas, both methods are unacceptable because of the high risks of personal injury or equipment damage. The Nu-Star Power Pushers have proved to be a cost-effective solution to this problem and have eliminated the risks of injury due to manual handling.

The Power Pusher is available from Urethane & Machinery Supplies.

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