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M-real utilises Reel Pushers

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M-real, a producer of fine paper has purchased two Nu-Star Reel Pushers at its Sittingbourne Paper Mill in Kent, England.

The Nu-Star Reel Pushers are used to push the 1.3 m diameter paper reels (weighing up to 3 tonnes) from the paper winder into an automated floor track or a temporary holding area.

M-real trialled a demonstration unit earlier in the year after staff had commented about the effort required to push the reels by hand, especially when the reels come off the winder and get locked next to one another. This had sometimes required the use of a long lever to help get the reels moving.

According to M-real, the company decided to purchase the Nu-Star Reel Pushers in order to speed up the production process and remove any risks of back injuries to the staff that have previously had to push the reels by hand.

The Reel Pusher is pedestrian operated and completely self contained with no trailing air/power lines. Power to the Reel Pusher is provided by sealed maintenance-free traction batteries and the matching on-board charger means the unit may be opportunity charged from any suitable 110 V or 220 V power source.

There are no complicated licensing requirements for the Reel Pusher (unlike ride-on equipment such as clamp-trucks) and any operator over 18 years old may use it after the necessary training.

The Reel Pusher is available from Urethane & Machinery Supplies.

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