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JCB utilises Power Pusher

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JCB, a construction and agricultural equipment manufacturer in the United Kingdom, has recently taken delivery of a Nu-Star Power Pusher at its site in Rocester, Staffordshire.

The Power Pusher is used to push, pull and manoeuvre trolleys loaded with up 5 tonnes of steel plate. Previously these trolleys were moved around by forklift truck.

According to JCB, waiting for an available fork-truck to move these trolleys wasted time and the size of the fork-truck turning circle took up valuable floor space. JCB assessed a variety of possible solutions but none of them were as flexible or rugged as the Power Pusher.

By welding a simple attachment on to JCB’s trolleys the Power Pusher can be used to move a variety of loads on site. This has helped increase the work flow and freed up valuable floor space.

Typically used to help increase productivity and as an aid to health and safety by reducing the likelihood of workplace injury, the Power Pusher is a pedestrian operated, battery powered, tug unit designed for pushing, pulling and manoeuvring rolling loads in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Measuring just 1.4 m long and 670 mm wide, the Power Pusher is completely self-contained, has its own on-board battery charging system (240 V or 110 V input), may be used both inside and outside and often replaces a more expensive forklift in factories. Nu-Star provides a bespoke design and manufacturing service to meet demands from a growing range of industrial customers across Europe.

The Power Pusher is available from Urethane & Machinery Supplies.

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