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Churchill China employs Power Pusher to avoid damage

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Churchill China one of the world’s major manufacturers and distributors of high-quality ceramic tableware has recently taken delivery of two Nu-Star Hi-Torque Power Pusher units at its Marlborough Pottery site in Stoke-on-Trent.

Power Pusher is a pedestrian operated, battery powered tug unit designed to push, pull and manoeuvre rolling loads up to 40,000 kg in weight. Measuring only 1.4 m long and 670 mm wide and weighing just 150 kg, the Power Pusher is both highly manoeuvrable and completely self-contained with no trailing wires or air lines.

The Power Pusher not only improves shop-floor productivity, but also reduces the likelihood of back injuries associated with the manual pushing, pulling and manoeuvring of heavy rolling loads in the workplace.

In this particular application, the Power Pusher is fitted with a steering arm attachment enabling the operator to connect to the leading edge of the kiln cars and manoeuvre them in and out of the kilns and storage area.

According to Churchill China, the kiln cars used to be moved by hand, but their size and weight makes this an arduous task. In addition, vibrations need to be minimised so as to avoid any possible damage to the china as the cars are pulled out of the kilns.

The Power Pushers take all the effort out of the job and have been configured with a smooth acceleration that stops any jerkiness from damaging the newly fired china.

The Power Pusher is available from Urethane & Machinery Supplies.

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