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UMS are suppliers of factory materials handling equipment including: Paper reel movers, power pushers, reel movers and easy movers.


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14/05/07 - St. Regis Paper Company, a paper and board manufacturer has recently taken delivery of its second Nu-Star Power Pusher unit for pushing reels of recycled envelope paper and coreboard.
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11/05/07 - Rollalong a UK-based manufacturer of portable, temporary, semi-permanent and permanent buildings has added two more Nu-Star Power Pushers to its existing fleet of four units.
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10/05/07 - Rollalong a UK manufacturer of portable, temporary, semi-permanent and permanent buildings has taken delivery of four Nu-Star Hi-Torque Power Pusher units in order to move its pre-fabricated modular buildings during the manufacturing process.
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09/05/07 - M-real, a producer of fine paper has purchased two Nu-Star Reel Pushers at its Sittingbourne Paper Mill in Kent, England.
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