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Uretek use expanding resin injection technology to relevel roads and other civil works

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article image Uretek often carry out road levelling work at night to ensure minimal disruption to road activity

Using their unique structural expanding resin injection technology, Uretek are able to relevel roads, motorways, airport runways, railways and many other civil works.

A modern alternative to mud jacking and concrete underpinning, Uretek expanding resin is injected through small holes just 16mm in diameter, allowing extremely high, yet controlled, pressure to be exerted. This method of concrete levelling is fast and clean, requiring no excavation or water, leaving no cement dust or mess, and all being carried out in a matter of days with little disruption to activities in the area.

Under pavements subject to heavy dynamic loads, Uretek's expanding resin tends to flex instead of break up like traditional concrete mud jacking would. Weight is actually very beneficial to Uretek as the ground can be compacted more with greater weight on it. When carrying out concrete levelling and ground support on railway bridges, Uretek prefer that a heavy train engine be situated on the rails above to ensure the best possible ground support is created.

Uretek have a great deal of experience in relevelling and resupporting slabs on major highways, suburban roads, toll plazas and parking areas. Their concrete levelling technology is suitable for use on sunken or mis-aligned:

  • road anchors
  • concrete slabs
  • floors
  • bridge approach slabs
  • culvert areas
  • driveways
  • parking areas
  • heritage buildings.

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