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Uretek’s unique resin injection system for airport pavement rehabilitation

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article image Uretek technicians re-supporting slabs at the Williamtown RAAF Base

Uretek has employed its innovative resin injection system for airport pavement rehabilitation at several locations across the world.  

Airports in many parts of the world have been relying on Uretek’s ground engineering expertise in pavement repair and re-levelling slabs for more than a decade.

Uretek’s work in Australia has seen the company clear runways, hangars and walkways of movement, bumps, ponding and trip hazards at several airports. Uretek regularly raises and precisely re-levels airport slabs, typically 600mm or more in thickness using their patented resin injection method.  

Key highlights of Uretek’s resin injection solutions:  

  • Structural, expanding resin is injected through tiny 16mm holes into the sub-base beneath the slabs or structure footings 
  • The resin expands to first fill the voids and then compact any weak strata to achieve re-support 
  • If re-levelling is required, continued injection raises the element back to its correct levels, guided by precise laser level monitoring 
  • Fast, clean and economical process involving no excavation, water, cement dust or mess unlike concrete underpinning or mud jacking 
  • Eliminates the need to remove and replace slabs that may otherwise interfere with traffic movement    
  • Substantial cost savings by eliminating slab replacement or old-fashioned mud jacking methods 
  • Minimal disruption to airport operations since work can be done at night in sections 
  • Work area can be back in use within 30 minutes 
  • Work area is safe for immediate traffic in an emergency     
A recent project at the Williamtown RAAF Base required the Uretek technicians to re-support the slabs on the pavement. Loss of support was caused by leaking stormwater pipes sucking in fines and causing voids under the sheltered pavement where the jet fighters stood.

The pipes were re-lined prior to Uretek filling the voids directly under the slabs. Uretek’s deep injection system was employed to compact the sub-base along 320 metres of pipeline. 

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