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Uretek re-levels 25 metre swimming pool with the help of resin injections.

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article image Uretek at work re-levelling Monto's swimming pool with the use of resin injections

The North Burnett Regional Council have recently been faced with the tricky problem of a public pool which had sunk an additional 200mm at its deep end. Uretek was successfully contracted by the council to re-level the pool, utilising resin injections in its re-levelling process.

The sinkage of the deep end of the swimming pool in Monto caused the pool’s reticulation system to stop working and prevented correct filtration. This was due to the 200 mm drop at the deep end preventing water from draining to the shallow end.

The council initially considered and rejected the options of replacing the entire swimming pool or re-engineering and rebuilding the whole filtration system as impractical and contracted Andre Nunn, Uretek’s Area Projects Manager, to raise the pool back to its correct level.

Re-levelling the 25m long pool proved to be a tricky job thanks to the initial construction. The Monto pool had been built using precast concrete sections. The pool had precast flat based walls with a floor of infill concrete precast sections and mastic filled joints.

Potential pitfalls involved in re-levelling this type of pool include joints that can easily break if any section is over lifted and the walls rotating inwards or outwards due to the large precast base. In this case the floor slab was also sitting on a step joint, meaning that the internal slab could not be lifted without causing this slab to lift at the joint.

Uretek used expanding resin injections to re-level the council pool. Each precast wall section was raised a little at a time to very gradually restore the pool to a workable level. The voids under the internal pool slab were then filled.

It took the Uretek team ten days of extremely careful work, in blazing hot Queensland sun, to complete the job, but the result was well worth it. North Burnett Regional Council is happy to say that water is once again flowing to the shallow end of its Monto swimming pool.

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