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Uretek causes minimal disruption to airports by using resin injections to re-level surfaces

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article image Uretek re-levels taxiways at Qantas Sydney Jet Base using resin injections

Uretek Ground Engineering has specialist expertise in re-levelling and re-supporting airport runways, hangars and taxiways as well as other similar surfaces, whilst ensuring minimal operational disruption.

Uretek has used structural resin injections at various Australian airports, including Qantas Jet Base, to remove bumps, ponding and trip hazards and to relevel surfaces of up to 600mm thick.

Uretek’s use of resin injections ensures a permanent solution and is a fast and economical method of surface re-supporting and re-levelling.

Uretek’s resin injection method is quick and efficient. For maximum convenience and minimum disruption re-levelling can be carried out on one section at a time and this can even be done over night.

Once ground engineering has been completed the re-levelled surfaces are ready for use in only 30 minutes and can support even the most heavyweight of traffic and, in the unlikely case of an emergency, the injection treated area can actually withstand immediate use by traffic.

The re-level method works by injecting multi-component resins into the sub-base beneath airport slabs. The resins mix together and expand, strengthening and compacting soft substrate areas and filling any voids.

Once the area beneath the airport slabs has been fully strengthened and re-supported further resins can be injected in small increments to raise any unlevel areas, as required.

With each carefully monitored resin injection the runway surface rises by a fraction of a millimetre. This process continues until the laser level indicates that the correct level has been achieved across the entire affected surface area.

As well as re-supporting and re-levelling the taxiway slabs at Qantas’ Sydney Jet Base, Uretek has used resin injections to successfully complete re-support ground engineering at the taxiways of Gates 13 and 14 at Perth Airport and on the FA 18 jet fighters’ RAAF Base hangar slabs in Williamtown NSW, among others.

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