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Resin injection systems offered by Uretek

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Uretek  offers solution to various problems of the clients through distinguished and patented systems of resin injection. Some of the services offered by Uretek include strengthening foundation ground, re-supporting, re-levelling and raising on the ground structures, filling large voids and underground tanks and more. With the help of expanding resin technology, Uretek corrects road slabs, buildings and other various other structures. This method adopted by Uretek is efficient, fast and reliable technology used in the industry.

The services offered by Uretek are convenient, fast, long-lasting and cost effective. Uretek drills 6 millimetres or 16 millimetres hole at every 1.2 metres gap and then inject multi-component structural resins. Multi-component structural resins provided by Uretek expand as they enter the ground when injected at multiple depths mix. This expanding material removes voids and strongly compact the ground near the injection point.

The deep-injection method used by Uretek makes ground stronger. This is achieved by increasing long term foundation support for roads, buildings, floors and other on ground structures. Deep-injection process offers long lasting solutions where Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) tests show weak strata. Deep-injection method employed by Uretek is cost-effective alternative to underpinning and piling. Warehouse floors and walls are also raised and re-levelled by Uretek through URETEK method.

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