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Relevel and resupport floors in industrial areas with Uretek's concrete floor relevelling services

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article image 40 tonnes of glass remained in place as Uretek carried out concrete floor relevelling on this factory floor

Uretek  specialise in raising, relevelling, and resupporting sunken concrete in industrial applications as a modern alternative to concrete underpinning and slab replacement.

Able to raise, relevel and resupport sunken concrete slabs and floors in factories, warehouses, and mines, Uretek can get trucks and forklifts running smoothly again address any OH&S issues by removing bumps and trip hazards in the floor.

Much quicker than removing and replacing concrete slabs, or concrete underpinning, Uretek's concrete floor levelling takes just a day or two and best of all, generally stock or machinery does not even need to be taken off the floor. The greater the weight on the floor, the stronger Uretek can make the ground. Foundations are compacted more with greater weight on the area so Uretek increase concrete floor support even after new heavy machinery has been installed.

The process undertaken by Uretek to resupport concrete slabs has been referred to keyhole surgery for concrete floors and buildings. The unique structural expanding resin is injected through small holes in the concrete which allows extremely high, yet controlled, pressure to be be exerted. With no excavation, no water, no cement dust, and no mess, Uretek's concrete floor relevelling process is very fast and very clean.

Any moving or sunken concrete slabs in the floor can usually be resupported, relevelled, and saved unless they are too badly cracked. Uretek will always advise on what parts of the floor can be saved with their concrete stabilisation service, and what parts should be replaced.

This not only means substantial cost savings, but also ever important time savings. Uretek can carry out large concrete stabilisation jobs one area at a time, including at night if required.

Uretek's concrete floor relevelling is also ideal for resupporting machine bases, meaning mine facilities such as stacker-reclaimer rails and conveyor belt towers can also be relevelled and resupported.

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