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Re-supporting, re-levelling and raising runways from Uretek

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Uretek  offers services to the various clients’ problems related to airports, buildings, bridges, factories, driveways, floors, fuel tanks, roads, railways, seawalls, seaports and warehouses. The services from Uretek are made available in more than 50 countries with almost 60 mobile operations units by employing over 300 people. Some of the work handled by Uretek includes re-supporting, re-levelling and raising taxiways, runways, hangar floors and even the whole building. The benefits of the services from Uretek include savings in money and disruption and minimal airport facility downtime.

URETEK method used by Uretek is fast, cost effective and involves minimal interruption to operations. URETEK method also eliminates bumps caused by heavy traffic pounding. Using slab-lifting, deep-injection or a combination of both, Uretek helps in returning the building footings correct levels and thus, weak foundation ground is strengthened. URETEK method is modern alternative to underpinning.

Additionally, Uretek employs URETEK method, which is more convenient than removing, replacing and cutting out slabs. Uretek also fill voids and rectify slab movements, ponds and trip hazards outdoors too. When buildings and structures have sunk due to broken pipes, Uretek helps insurance company loss assessors and their engineers with convenient and cost effective solutions.

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