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Pavement and road rehabilitation services from Uretek

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article image Uretek has carried out many road rehabilitation projects for local authorities

Uretek 's structural expanding resin injection technology is being increasingly used to rectify concrete and asphalt road pavement problems worldwide, including raising and resupporting roads, relevelling long motorway sections, correcting road anchors, and resupporting and raising bridge approach slabs.

This pavement and road rehabilitation product is the modern answer to mud jacking and pavement grouting slurry. It allows vehicles to ride more smoothly, fills voids, eliminates joint movement and concrete slab deterioration, and removes pedestrian trip hazards on footpaths and roads.

Generally more economical than cutting out and replacing concrete altogether, Uretek's pavement and road rehabilitation product is used as a proven replacement sub-base material will not powder or break-up under dynamic loading and pavement flexing and will retain a small measure of elasticity. It will also not inhibit the required action of expansion joints.

The Uretek road rehabilitation method also offers a huge time benefit over mud jacking and pressure grouting because all traffic can flow over 30 minutes after the work has been completed.

Uretek pavement and road rehabilitation products can help to:

  • correct pavement settlement and ponding
  • eliminate differential joint settlement and trip hazards
  • fill voids to re-support and prevent water ingress/erosion
  • limit movement of ‘pumping’ joints
  • correct sub-grade and trench subsidence; and
  • densify inadequately compacted sub-grade.

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