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Engineering filler grouts supplied by Uretek

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Uretek  offers Benefil, which is light weight and multi-purpose engineering filler grout. Benefil is environmentally harmless and absorbs residual hydrocarbons. Benefil is used in wide range of applications like decommissioning underground tanks, filling voids behind seawalls and more. Benefil from Uretek includes encapsulates rubble, but permits filtered passage of water. URETEK Method used by Uretek was invented in Finland in 1980.

Within certain limits, URETEK polymer exhibits elastic characteristics. The elastic limit depends on the density of the material. URETEK polymer from Uretek is used to strengthen ground and to re-level other structures. URETEK material offered by Uretek used extends chemical and solvent resistance. URETEK material signifies long design life of at least 33 years. URETEK material used by Uretek does not have any damaging effect in the atmosphere due to degradation or decomposition. URETEK material is known for its stability.

Rigid URETEK materials supplied by Uretek can swell in aromatic oxygenated solvents but resume their original quality when dried. URETEK materials are stable salts, common detergents, acids and bases. Rigid URETEK material made available by Uretek is inert to fungi and mildew and does not get mouldy or decay. Rigid URETEK materials are chemically neutral and do not nourish rodents or insects.

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